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Himalayan Everest Insurance received ‘Best Award’ in two categories in India

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Kathmandu. Himalayan Everest Insurance has received two awards in India. The company received 2 awards in the 4th ICC Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave organized by Indian Chambers of Commerce.

Insurance has won awards in 2 categories namely ‘Best Micro Insurance Nepal’ and ‘Most Effective Adaptation of Technology Nepal’. Vijay Bahadur Shah, Chief Executive Officer of the company accepted the award.

PwC, a renowned consultant in the world, has awarded various companies based on independent evaluation of emerging insurance companies in Asia in terms of performance, business expansion, use of technology, etc.

Nepal’ and the use of technology to provide insurance services with ease and increase access effectively, the company said that the ‘Most Effective Adaptation of Technology Nepal’ award was given.

Vijay Bahadur Shah, Chief Executive Officer of the company, also addressed the award ceremony as a special guest.

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