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Terms and Conditions is a website to provide any information related to economy . Aarthik sanjal have many
type of categories to take information . Aarthik sanjal website is one of the best economy relative
webpage of Nepal . Aarthik Sanjal have provide many type of news in past years which can people have
easy access . Aarthik Sanjal not only post the news related to economy but also have advertisement
system which are used to promote both economy and company .

Aarthik sanjal have many news related to economy and other news also . The news are covered by the
people of Aarthik sanjal or informer of Aarthik Sanjal , therefore some news are consider as their own
news and the website have the right to keep the news , however if anyone copied the news from and use them in another platform, the website have right to claim the news which
include website have copyright system . Aarthik Sanjal have the system to promote company though
advertisements and video . The company can contact directly or provide mail with promoting advertising
, the company have to provide the time length of advertisement which can be consider as expiring date
(i.e.3 months,4 months) and the payment in the mail . Respective company can also replace the
advertment with new one as needed . Aarthik sanjal also post news if given in respective mail which will
be checked and be posted as content category .

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