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हाम्रो बारेमा is the website which was started in 2019 A.D. Aarthik Sanjal was started to provide
the news of current Economic status for the public , where all can see economy situation in one
webpage . Aarthik Sanjal includes many people some of them are chairman Basundhara Ranjit , Chief
Editor Niraj Ranjit , Executive Editor Narottam Subedi ,Editor Ram babu Parajuli , Managing Director Pawan
Ranjit , Executive editor Naraettam Subedi . The office is located on Teku ,
Kathmandu . is one of the best website of economy . Now the website have a excellent
programmer who make the website update all the time and have many features in the future . The
website have progress in these years where we can have all the news of economic status . The website
also include advertisement of company , which are used to promote the name . At first Aarthik Sanjal
struggled to provide news due to having low profile, the webite wasn’t getting all the news and the
website was getting very few advertisement due to that the website was falling back ,and along the time
pass through promotion of the website and spreading the word the website now have many news and
have many trustworthy informer and due to that Aarthik Sanjal now have all the economy and other
news like political , education , tourism , health , sports , entertainment and so on . Aarthiksanjal have
personal mail which are check on regular bases, so the website can have any feedback which are given
by people and due to take we update the problems if there is any . People can give their thought and
their opinion through mail, so we can exceed their thought .

Though all the things is created to provide the economic news where every the
people are they can see the news , with this thought we have been working to provide as much as
necessary . The team have all the necessary details for the future .

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