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Seva Lamsal Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Kathmandu. Joint Secretary Seva Lamsal is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the regular retirement of secretary Bharatraj Paudyal, senior joint secretary of the ministry Lamsal has been given the responsibility of Kamuka.

Poudyal has been recommended as ambassador to Canada and has been approved by the parliamentary hearing committee. His Agrimo is yet to come. After Agrimo arrives, the president appoints him as ambassador.

According to foreign sources, the Public Service Commission will complete the secretary appointment process within a few days. After that, the Council of Ministers will appoint a new secretary.

Since Joint Secretary Lamsal is senior, there is a possibility that he will become the secretary. If Lamsal becomes the foreign secretary, she will be the first woman to be the secretary in that service.

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