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The BRI International Cooperation Forum is starting today in Beijing, China

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The third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) is starting today in Beijing, the capital of China.

According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, representatives of more than 140 countries and more than 30 international organizations will participate in the two-day forum.

Similarly, more than 100 other people including heads of international organizations, experts and businessmen have been invited. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BRI declaration, China has organized the third comprehensive conference.

The conference was organized to review the implementation and progress of BRAF Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Along with the presentation of BRI’s 10-year achievement report, the policy and progress of the high-level forum on green development will be discussed at the forum. India will not participate in the third BRF. India had participated in both the previous forums.

India has been protesting saying that the economy of more than 130 countries is in danger because of BRI. Under the BRI, China is putting various countries in a debt trap and it is being opposed.



Published On: Oct 17, 2023 07:49 AM

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