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Upasana Poudel appointed as Himalayan Rico Chief Executive Officer

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Kathmandu. Himalayan Re Insurance Company has appointed Upasana Poudel as the Chief Executive Officer. Poudel, who has been awarded the title of the first and only woman CEO in the insurance sector, has got the opportunity to take over the leadership of the second reinsurance company worth 7 billion.

This is another big success after becoming the CEO of Paudel’s United Insurance Company, established in Nepal’s insurance sector in a short period of his career.

She went down one level and was appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Himalayan Re Insurance Company in November 2079.

Chandrasekaran Ramamurthy, an Indian native with more than four decades of experience in the insurance sector, was the Chief Executive Officer of Himalayan Reinsurance Company.

After he resigned, the board of directors appointed Poudel as the chief executive officer.

Upsana Karthik left United last week. Paudel worked at United for three years including one and a half years as CEO and one and a half years as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Paudel, an MBA from Delhi University in India, worked for over a decade in India’s ICICI Lombard Insurance and Bharti Axa. From India, she directly worked as Assistant General Manager of the then Sanima General.

Upsana was chosen by former CEO Ramamurthy because she studied in India and worked in India for more than a decade.

Many of the owners and major investors of Himalayan are from the Marwari community. They have many relations with India. That’s why they were looking for manpower with good connections in the Indian market.

Published On: Oct 02, 2023 08:11 AM

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