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Urmila Shrestha as the President of the Women’s Chamber

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Kathmandu, Urmila Shrestha has been elected as the president of Nepal Women’s Chamber. Kamlesh Agarwal-led Nepal Chamber of Commerce has given him the responsibility again on Wednesday.

Shrestha was also the chairman of the previous working committee of Nepal Women’s Chamber. Shrestha has made a significant contribution to promoting women’s entrepreneurship in the country by making the Nepal Women’s Chamber dynamic. His previous leadership period is considered very successful.

Introduction of Urmila Shrestha

Urmila Shrestha is the Vice President of Nepal Chamber of Commerce. The recently concluded 73rd general assembly of the chamber elected him as the vice president of the chamber.

Shrestha, who is also the CEO of Salt Trading Corporation Limited, is also a successful woman.

Shrestha, who has been providing efficient managerial leadership to Salt Trading, has recently been providing the same strong leadership to Women’s Chamber. Therefore, Urmila Shrestha’s name is at the forefront of the list of successful women who can be counted on the fingers of Nepal in contemporary times.

Shrestha, who is well-known as a competent, hardworking, honest and intelligent woman, is a successful personality who has earned fame at the national and international levels.

Also, Shrestha, who was born in a Newar clan with a business background, is the daughter of late Ishwar Lal Shrestha, the former president of Nepal Chamber of Commerce. Following in the footsteps of her father, Urmila has been showing prowess like Ishwarlal in the question of advancing Nepal’s chamber movement.

Amidst the changing global environment, the issue of women’s empowerment is being raised urgently in Nepal as well. The Nepal Women’s Chamber under the leadership of Shrestha has been making a significant contribution to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in the country by developing concrete programs.

Also, the activities of the Women’s Chamber under Shrestha’s leadership are being discussed everywhere. He is also very active in independent and socially motivated work like intellectual awakening.

Urmila Shrestha, who is considered to be the triveni of politics, business and social service, is the generation of father and uncle Ishwarlal Maniklal and mother and aunt Padyavati Silu Shrestha, who has been presenting excellent work skills while continuing the ‘legacy’ of the generation.

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