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Partnership Agreement between JME and Moneygram International

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Kathmandu. A partnership agreement has been signed between Japan Money Express Company Limited (JME) and Moneygram International (INC) based in Japan to connect communities, families and individuals in different countries of the world in an international remittance network.

JAE President Om Gurung said that according to the agreement, Japan Money Express has expanded its reach and provided convenience for its customer members to send money from Japan to various countries around the world.

Japan Money Express has arranged for its customer members to register JME Mobile App and send money by themselves.

It has been upgrading itself with various types of digital services through mobile app for customer satisfaction, including arrangement of Lawson card for payment of remittances.

Now by registering the JME mobile app, you can send money to any country you want at any time. It has added features where customers can send money without service charges, service charges can be reduced by using points.

Japan Money Express Company Limited is the first remittance company operated by Nepalis in Japan. Which has been providing ease of sending money from Japan to different countries of the world for the past 14 years.

Gurung also informed that so far, Japan Money Express has been working with 11 international partner banks and remittance companies in the world including Moneygram International Inc.

The company said that money can be easily sent to Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar and Mongolia.

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