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China bans use of US chips in government computers

Also advise not to buy Microsoft Windows

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China has introduced instructions to gradually remove American microprocessor chips including Intel and AMD from government computers and servers.

In issuing procurement directives on Sunday, China is also looking to ditch Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign-made database software in favor of domestic chip and software options, the Financial Times reported. Government agencies above the city level have been asked to include standards requiring safe and reliable processors and operating systems when purchasing.

Earlier, at the end of December, China’s Ministry of Industry published three separate lists of CPUs, operating systems and centralized databases that are considered safe and reliable. Reuters has also confirmed that all those CPUs, operating systems and centralized databases are manufactured by Chinese companies. Recently, a ‘chip war’ has been going on between China and America. The US is making various efforts to block China’s access to advanced chip technology.

On the other hand, China is slowing down in domestic chip technology. The US is also taking measures to promote domestic semiconductor production, while the Biden administration has set goals to reduce dependence on Taiwan and China for chip production.

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